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Auto generate a work order from an approved inventory request

The district's custodial and maintenance departments are looking for a way that when a school creates an inventory request -> it has to be approved -> after approval -> a work order is auto generated to pick the inventory, log their time,...
Matthew Dean 10 days ago in Inventory 7 Being Reviewed

Edit the Log in Page to remove fields not needed

To login, our users use the Log in with Microsoft which is integrated with our network sign on. Many users keep clicking the google sign on because we use google for e-mail. The google sign on logs them in but doesn't auto assign them a role as re...
Sarah Loeffler about 1 month ago in Work Orders 3 Being Reviewed

Mobile App for work orders

As the Director of Facility Operations, one of the most common questions I have gotten as we are beginning to integrate, and utilize the MLW software is "Do they have an app?". I feel that most of my staff, especially the maintenance technicians w...
Salvatore Topino about 2 months ago in Work Orders 3 Future consideration

Receive Notifications in ML Without Requiring Email Notifications

Our facilities secretary who manages WOs for the district, wants to receive notifications within MasterLibrary but the emails are clogging up her email inbox. When we disable email notifications setting in the user profile it does not generate any...
Charles Whetstone 16 days ago in Notifications 1 Being Reviewed

If a change is made to an asset we would like an email to be generated to specified people.

We are being required to fill out paper forms anytime our equipment is moved from a building, space or its disposition changes. This creates a lot of paperwork for the tech department. If we could email the appropriate people who need to know when...
Barb Ritch 9 days ago in Assets 9 Future consideration


Technology Coordinator I would like to recommend adding MFA as an option to secure accounts. Please and thank you.
Guest 26 days ago in Admin Settings 1 Being Reviewed

Clever SSO Integration

Similar to Classlink, one click sign on to ML Work Orders if the district uses Clever.
Salvatore Topino 10 days ago in Integrations (External) / Single Sign On (SSO) 0 Being Reviewed

Need a way to import images/photos and link to assets

If were tracking photos elsewhere for each aset record, it would save A LOT of time being able to import these images rather than uploading them 1 asset at a time.
Dan Grassel about 2 months ago in Assets / Imports & Exports 0 Being Reviewed

IT Asset Inventory Integration with Microsoft SCCM product, or minimally Active Directory.

Being able to pull inventory for Microsoft windows-based computers would be helpful.
Guest 11 days ago in Assets 1 Being Reviewed

Support SSO Integration with IdAutomation's RapidIdentity IdP

RapidIdentity (from Identity Automation) is our Identity Provider. We have configured a Google SAML connection, but that is ultimately redirected to the Rapid identity product when we use SSO (meaning a user will enter their username twice to comp...
Guest 11 days ago in Integrations (External) / Single Sign On (SSO) 2 Being Reviewed